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On the third day god created Music and he saw that it was Good.

7 September 1982
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Let's see, what useful information do I have stored away that I may impart upon you?

1) Become one with the Star Trek, everyone likes to up their IQ level.

2) Apparently a sperm will travel 5-7 inches in its entire lifespan.

3) Everyone has a list of people they would turn gay for. You can deny it, but then you would have homophobic issues, and then you're just screwed.

4) Techno is good for you. This applies for trance, house, electronica, club, and dance.

5) Be happy and peppy. Pessimists die so very young, and friendless.

6) Do the whole dreams thing. If you don't have dreams and asperations, what is there to live for?

7) I recommend daydreaming at least twice a day, keeps the imagination going and helps block out boredom.

8) There are many pretty boys and girls. I like pretty boys and girls. Do you like pretty boys and girls?

9) Don't care about what most people think. Care about what friends and certain family members think abou you, and your boss. Then tell the rest to fuck off. If you don't worry about what they think of you, you will have a less stressful and more carefree life. It's fun! YOU will become fun.

10) Cheddar! It makes everythig better! As does chocolate and strawberries.

OK so there is some life important things to remember. Anything else from me? I write, love writing, into fanfiction and too many fandoms to just ramble off (thats what the interests are for anyways). I love slash as well as het. Love music and life.

horrible site pimping: go visit the Den!! Join the list!!! Write!!

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